Marketing plan for an app / "app marketing specialist"

Marketing plan for an app / "app marketing specialist"


Job Description

I am looking for a team or a person who is best in Apps Marketing. Your job is to help us with the marketing plan and implementation for the pre-launch and lauch of one app. If you can do it excellent then i will hire you permanently as more apps are in my portafolio. Please show me all the apps whose marketing is done by you. No fake portfolios. Thanks

the current app.. you can see the website of the app:

the app is under development and will take another 2 months.

bellow the app description:

Potty Training the Animals is a brilliant interactive potty training application for children that will turn toileting frustrations into fun, and will set the mood for successful potty training! Potty Training the Animals is the perfect app to help with toilet training.
It includes sweet music, elegant narration and stunning 2D interactive illustrations that will delight both parents and children. This app allows children between the ages of one and five to take an active role in helping the animals and children to the potty. In effect, this fun, stress-free game gets them ready for their own potty time. Fantastic!
Embarking on the potty train is a profound stressor to any parent, and any child. We understand that teaching little one’s how to potty is a sensitive issue fraught with emotion, hope and fear. That’s why we developed this wonderful tool that will alleviate some of the strain from classic potty training issues.

How will this Potty Training App Help You?

1. Potty Training the Animals will set a positive mood for potty training.
All around the farm the animals are interested in going to the potty. The children can relate to the animals as they make funny ‘gotta-go-to-the-potty’ dancing movements. The animals even feel butterflies in their stomachs, just as inexperienced youngsters learning bathroom rituals do. Small children have the fun task of helping the animals to make it to the potty. Watching and encouraging all of the animals to use the big kid toilet is a tasteful and highly effective way to set a positive mood for potty training.

2. The Potty Training the Animals app turns the incredibly frustrating potty task into a fun, interactive undertaking.
Parents have already conquered many childhood challenges by the time potty training time arrives. However, this is a bit of unfinished business that can bring both parents and toddlers to tears. Luckily, the Learning with the Animals app is here to help alleviate a good bit of the stress and heartache that accompanies this important process.

3. Kids love the Potty Training the Animals app, the story behind it and its characters.
Many have contemplated why children are so drawn to animals. While there may not be a clear-cut answer to this riddle, it is a long recognized fact that children often relate closely to these little creatures. We use this natural predilection to our advantage with the Learning with the Animals potty training app. Certainly, children learn best by both seeing and doing. Using this hands-on approach in combination with the fascinating animal attraction is a sure fire way to help toddlers learn to use the potty with less stress.

Highlights: Potty Training the Animals ✓ Stunning designs ✓ 2D illustration and animation ✓ Five interactive animals (Dog, Cat, Dog, Chicken, Lion) ✓ One interactive boy and one interactive girl ✓ Accompanied by melodic lullaby music ✓ Elegant voice narration


Skills: marketing, teaching, training

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