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Personal Best


Job Description


This is my first experience in creating an app.

I have an idea that I would like to explore that I feel will benefit myself and many others.

I cannot find a similar app available online, so I thought I could make it myself.

I am looking for assistance in creating this app for Apple products and Android.

The person or organisation may have to help improve my understanding of this process. I have no problem paying for the time spent educating me as well as the actual work itself.

In very general terms, this app is about record and history management; and will be flexible with the needs of the user.

I am happy to pay by the hour, but in our initial discussions it would help me if there was a target budget. This is so I can ensure I have enough money put aside.

I have outlined in simple sketches and diagrams how I can see this app working, but I have no idea how to transfer these ideas into a working app.

Who ever assists me, will be working with me from the very start right to the launch of this product.

I like to think of myself as easy to get along with. As this is my first attempt I will be keeping an open mind to the requirements of myself and those I work with.

I am not even sure if this is the information that you require, but if it sounds like you may be able to help me, please email me so we can discuss.

Skills: iphone-sdk, android-development