Finish Development of MVCDotNET Web Application

Finish Development of MVCDotNET Web Application


Job Description

We have an incomplete MVC.NET application in which many key fields are not properly linked to the database. Additionally, the application is missing certain key business logic components.

**This project has been amended to REMOVE one of the original requirements. The original project posting outlined a requirement for site localization (at present, text is hard-coded into the pages). Site localization will now be handled through a separate project. If you wish to amend your original bid reflecting this new information, you are encouraged to do so.

The present application is somewhat functional and has been deployed to a live server. However, it is missing a number of crucial components that must be completed before the application can be launched even to a small number of users for beta testing.

- While certain fields work as intended and the data is recorded in the database, many others have not been linked to the database and so they are non-functional. This further affects a variety of tables/charts, which cannot pull in the required data, often because none exists as it is not being recorded.
- The application is also missing some critical business logic. Without this logic, the application cannot offer many of its desired functions.

To address the application's aforementioned shortcomings, the project is divided into two main phases according to urgency/importance, though all are critical components of the project's success.

Phase I – Link to database
- This is the most straightforward phase of the project, and mostly involves linking the fields in the page views to the corresponding fields in the SQL DB. Obviously related to this are the requirements to query the db for certain data or data sets and return the correct data for display on the page views.
- The other sub-component of this phase involves uploading source files to Amazon's S3 storage environment according to a strict naming convention. At present, these files are first uploaded to the server before being uploaded to S3, but this should be amended to upload to S3 directly.
Phase II – Business Logic
- Key calculations and processes that the application currently lacks but must be put in place mostly involve the management of a digital currency/points system. The logic is identical to that which one would find in any shopping cart, only this involves points. Simply debit the user's account for a corresponding amount to an item's purchase price, and attribute those points.

- DOT.Net Expert (C#; C++; MVC.NET)
- Visual Studio (this is a .NET app - you must have access to and be highly experienced using this tool)
- AWS Web services - S3 and RDS (The application is hosted entirely on AWS and has many AWS dependencies, including RDS and S3. You will also need to have and be experienced with the AWS SDK for Visual Studio)
- SQL server experience (specifically SQL server 2008 R2)
- LINQ experience and expertise
- Web services integration (XML/JSON) experience
- GitHub (Code is housed in a GitHub repository. You must have a GitHub account to be able to pull and commit code)
- Agile development environment (We operate in an agile development environment. You must be comfortable with the fact that certain requirements will change throughout the project)

**Be sure to pay careful attention to the MVC.NET requirement - if you are not perfectly comfortable within this framework please do not bid. On the other hand, for someone with the right skill set and experience this project should be very straightforward.

Short-listed candidates will receive further questions and detailed requirements. We do our best to support the freelancer at every possible step, and when the project is completed we pay immediately.

Thank you for considering our project. Happy bidding and good luck!