, Ajax, C# , SQL progarmmer needed urgently , Ajax, C# , SQL progarmmer needed urgently


Job Description

Hi All,

We are in hiring process of developers for this fixed price project.

one desinger and developer is already hired on odesk to develop the some part of the project.

Below is the module's functionality , You will need to develop.
1] User will login functionality.
2] Depending upon login showing details on the home page
functionality.(showing company news, posted job, contact list etc.)

3] Resume details insert/edit/delete functionality.
4] Search job and apply functionality.
5] view and compose message functionality.
6] View company new functionality.
7] send request to add users in network and create job network of his own.
8] log out and user profile settings functionality.
9] Show notifications to the user.

----From MY Side I will provide you the complete UI Design (.aspx pages) of this moudle.
----I will also provide the SQL table's needed for this modules.

So Your task will be to
Code in /C# / Ajax / SQL stored procedures

Swpanil M.

Skills: design