Logo illustrator/designer 3Dstyle

Logo illustrator/designer 3Dstyle


Job Description

Hello all!

I'm looking for a designer/graphic illustrator who would like to take my logo and make a new artistic version but still keeping it recognizable from what it is now.
It would possibly appear on my official website and perhaps in my album artwork in which you will get acknowledged (My EDM style EP album is out in 3 weeks)
Ideally I'm looking for someone who would like to add stuff to their portfolio, because right now my budget isn't allowing me to spend huge amount of money on it.

Also..I own the rights for the original logo and Global Trade Mark for my brand, so you would get to use the new "art" logo as part of your portfolio, but not any copyrights for the logo.

I'm looking for something futuristic, cool, electronic, neon, bright and 3D effected.

Please get in touch for more info!

Scarlette | Artist