Javascript css web development - zendesk

Javascript css web development - zendesk


Job Description

We are currently using Zendesk to manage our support tickets and customer support communications. The website has a default web page where users can access a knowledge base and view their tickets and we are therefore looking at redesigning this default page to have more of a look and feel similar to our own website.

The HTML code for the web portal itself can't be changed so javascript is required to alter or add individual elements, they have some good documentation on processes required.

We need someone who knows Javascript css and has an indepth knowledge of Zendesk to create the JS file / css that will re-order the web portal, laying out the page in the required way. It is quite a small site with only a few pages that would need editing. If you are interested in the job then please start your reply with the words robin hood.

The attached mockup shows the exact modifications we require to be made.

As we have private information we cannot allow access to our live zendesk, instead we would be looking at using another trial zendesk account where you can do your work and test all the changes before moving it onto our actual account.

There is a strict deadline on this project. The work will need to be completed by the 27th of June with a 1st draft delivered before the 20th of June. Please ensure you can complete this project within the deadline before applying.