Web and Graphic Designer

Web and Graphic Designer


Job Description

I'm looking for top notch "The Best" designers around the world.

About me – just dived into IT a few months ago, and eagerly looking for someone to wrap up the long list of tasks.

Current Task:
I’ve attached 3 images.
1 - Landing Page with Records.
2 - Model Popup Map on Grid Row Click
3 - Proposed Mockup (just tried to portray my idea – you can also check the new Outlook email template)

About End User:
A Cooperate Culture will be using it, and we’ll be running it on IE10 or FF (HTML5 supported version more than 80%).

A: Image 1 & 2 needs to be redesigned with best idea around the world.
B: I need all PSD files and Web 2.0 standard sliced images, HTML5 & CSS3.

Plus Points for Candidate:
• Passion for producing beautiful user interface
• Dedication to providing a remarkable user experience
• Exceptional HTML/ CSS (HTML5 & CSS3 understanding)
• Excellent jQuery Development skills
• Understanding of HTML5 Canvas/SVG
• Understanding of responsive web design
• Understanding of fast page load and effective page design principles
• Table-less (DIV based) design
• Quickly adopts new standards and frameworks e.g. Grid Frameworks
• Comfortable working with someone else's code
• Understanding of JSON will be a plus

Please start writing application with the answer of following question:
• What is name of current month?
• Your portfolio?

I’m open for brand new ideas, suggestion, even criticism, and looking forward for a great head start.

Skills: design, json

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