Setup & configure Asterisk Fax Server on Ubuntu

Setup & configure Asterisk Fax Server on Ubuntu


Job Description


we are looking for an expert to setup a fax server on ubuntu using a voip card.

OpenVox A400P.

1. Add/remove line from system

2. Send fax

3. Show lines status

4. Have many lines incoming/outgoing for faxing, each line will have its folder for incoming faxes that will be made in PDF format in its line's folder but also the sender telephone will be in the filename as well as the time in the format SENDER-TEL-Number--YYYY-MM-DD--HH-MM-SS.PDF

5.In case of problem sending, it will be in a subfolder of the line that will have the name FAILED.

6.The hardware we are to use is Openvox A400P FXO 4 lines or 8 lines maybe two cards or more.

7.A method to read the status of the lines like in faxstat -v command

8. We can send fax per line through the command line.


Skills: voip, faxing, pdf