System Admin (Wordpress), Hiring in 3 hours

System Admin (Wordpress), Hiring in 3 hours


Job Description

ChimbaWeb is a network of professional freelancers from all over the world to help businesses grow and succeed on the web.

We are looking for an experienced and expert website developer to transfer around 50 domains to another VPS Cloud solution specialized on Wordpress.

Job Description
1- Two accounts must be created and
2- All files must be transferred, around 300 GB of data on a dedicated server, incl. about 100 GB MySQL data.

1- Must be experienced in transferring data like this before.
2- Experienced with cloud and website development
3- Expert of Wordpress, Php, MySQL

Recruitment Questions
1- Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
2- How many similar jobs have you performed before?
3- How long will you take to finish this job?

* Please answer the questions at the top of your application
* Start your application with "I do not want upfront and i have answered the questions"

Best of luck !