Website for creation of user-generated opportunity pages and tracking of intermediate referrals

Website for creation of user-generated opportunity pages and tracking of intermediate referrals


Job Description

I will have a fuller PRD which can be shared after I get a sense of
your technical capabilities and time commitment. Key requirements:
ability to commit 40+ hours a week, and high proficiency with RoR and
Javascript. I would like the site done as soon as possible.

Brief overview:

Website which enables both candidates and hiring managers to post
"opportunity pages", send via template email to contacts, and track
intermediate referrals for money payout in the case of successful

(A) Creating an opportunity page requires the user to:
(1) (a) log into LinkedIn profile for an API call or (b) manually
input user's background organizations
(2) input bullet point requirements in text line boxes, can increase if needed
(3) input the total reward to be distributed, which is set at default of $2000.

(B) Using the manual/authorized input information, the site would
display a preview page:
(3) Search each organization (education or work history) with Google
Image API using the search text "[organization name]" + " logo"
(4) Store and map [organization name] to the image logo in an
independent database
(5) Post images as an Iconic Biography, presented as a section of the
user's Opportunity Page, which is displayed for preview and editing

(C) When user is ready to send the Opportunity Page on to his contacts:
(6) Pop up with a pre-drafted email template which includes a
screenshot of Opportunity Page
(7) Enable Google Contacts, Facebook Contacts, and LinkedIn Contacts
to be extracted and inserted as recipients to template email
(8) Send email and track recipients by storing in database in
sequential order under given opportunity identifier

(D) When recipients receive email, they can
(9) (a) click to view opportunity page, from which they can click to
"Contact" or "Forward On", or (b) immediately forward within email.
(10) All subsequent recipients will need to be tracked within database
sequentially. The tracking system maps the preceding and subsequent
contact points.

(E) Final major step includes any person directly involved in the web
of referrals to flag a successful hire by inputting name of final
candidate. The final candidate and hiring manager may also do this.
Those two endpoints would need to sign off in order for the successful
chain of intermediate referrals connecting them to be notified that
they are receiving a payout.

Summary of the major challenges and technical expectations:
(1) LinkedIn API which enables delivery of each organization name
(2) Google Image API for applying text to retrieve corresponding images
(3) Google Contacts API and Facebook API and LinkedIn API for contacts
to send the template email
(4) Javascript for "as-you-type" validation of user's inputs, pop-up
tooltips, auto-expansion for new text boxes, click-to-delete on-screen
images and text blocks, etc.
(5) Responsive layout for use in web and mobile settings, including
fluid background images, text, and components
(6) Email message generation with template including screenshot of
user's unique opportunity page
(7) Parse headers in messages coming into central email account,
extracting recipient email addresses in order to track intermediate
referral points
(8) Maintain a database that tracks recipients and referrals across
multiple branches of the network effect, and able to trace back
shortest chain of connection from the end successful hire.

Skills: google-accounts