Skype Messenger Agent / Host (For automated IM'ing)

Skype Messenger Agent / Host (For automated IM'ing)


Job Description

This task is for very experienced .net engineers that have deep knowledge of the skype kit and related API's.

We need develop a services that is a hosted skype IM account so that we can use it to response to many users. It will run as a windows service and will

This is the basic interface for the class you will create.
> Connect("skypeaccountid", "password")
> Disconnect
> SendMessage(Message)
> AddFriend()
> SendFile(file)

> OnConnected()
> OnDisconnected()
> OnMessageSent()
> OnMessageRecieved()
> OnFriendAddRequested()
> OnFileSent()

If you have experience with skype for IM'ing (we don't need video / sound experience - but IM chat), send me a message to discuss whats involved so we can get you started asap.

I will be asking .net questions to make sure you have senior level experience with C# and .Net before you can get the contract. Basic Skype knowledge is not likely to be convincing enough to get you the contract.

Skills: .net, video

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