Bookkeeper/Accountant Needed for Adult Business

Bookkeeper/Accountant Needed for Adult Business


Job Description

- Categorize transactions in Quickbooks online
- Reconcile bank accounts and credit cards
- Create spreadsheets
- Create financial reports (income statement, balance sheet, etc.)

Position will begin with light tasks, approximately 2 hours per week. In coming months will expand responsibilities for more work.

Seeking non-US-based contractor with established oDesk feedback. Please do not apply if you live in the US or have little/no feedback, your application will not be considered.

To be considered - respond to each in a couple sentences or as directed:
1 - Briefly describe your bookkeeping/accounting experience: (a) What training do you have? (b) What kind of companies have you worked for? (c) How many years have you done this work? Do NOT refer me to your profile.
2 - Are you comfortable working for an adult business?
3 - Attach your resume.
4 - Describe your experience with Quickbooks online. Are you able to provide me with feedback as to how we can better use the software?
5 - Skip #3. Do not attach your resume.
6 - What are your protocols for keeping personal information secure?
7 - Are you able to give advice and provide guidance for better/more efficient ways of tracking our finances?
8 - Have you ever managed a company's bank accounts and credit cards with online banking? Making payments, monitoring for fees, etc.
9 - Why should I hire you?