Aweber - Blog Broadcast

Aweber - Blog Broadcast


Job Description

Blog Broadcast :-

Connect my feed to my list :-

Feed URL :- [will be supplied]
Message type will be :- HTML/Plain Text message.

My subscribers should receive the following in their subject line :-

"Selected Articles for you "

Now , in the main message body,

I want this :-

Use HTML (Plain) template

Header text

You are receiving this as you had signed up through your email :- {email}.
However you can stop receiving this anytime by using the {unsubscribe} button.

[This will be just below the header , in italics]




[This thing will be pulled out from the feed automatically]


If you are experienced in this, then only apply.

Please insert the following text in the second last line of your application. :-

"Everything comes from HIM - I am just an executor of the command"