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Job Description

I want an experienced Facebook Developer.

Miss Social Media Community – It's a Facebook Apps


1. Add Apps
2. Accept Terms and Conditions
3. Participate, Vote, Nominate, Share

How to Participate

1. Click Participate
2. Accept Terms and Conditions
3. Apps will find their photos. Accept ,Select Others or Upload
4. Enter Important Information
5. Post in Time line and Invite their friends to vote for them

How to Vote

1. View Top 10, Latest Addition, Trending
2. Search by Name, Country
3. Vote once for yourself or others every 24 hours
4. Invite your Friends to Vote for a particular person or for yourself.

How to Nominate

1. Nominate your friend or friends
2. A Request will be sent to them to participate

How to Share

1. You can Like, Comment, Post, or Send Personal Message
2. Share as many times to increase the votes for your friends.

Information Shown to Voters

1. Name as in Facebook
2. Country
3. Number of Votes
4. Number of Voters
5. Rank
6. Percentage Change in 24 hours

Voting Period

1. Voting for the Top 10 : 1st of Jan to 30th October every year.
2. Voting for the Finalist : 1st of September to 31st November every year.

Skills: facebook, application-design

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