Fix Bugs On My WordPress eCommerce Website

Fix Bugs On My WordPress eCommerce Website


Job Description

I have a eCommerce Wordpress website created using Bazar wootheme.

There are 10 bugs I found that needed to be fixed.

1. Mass Tax = 6.25 (for people who are in Massachusetts)
2. Users can create an account, but when logout can't log back in.
3. Fix newsletter. (when the user put in their email, every time I add a new product they will get an email informing them I have new products listed.)
4. Fix type "Registration at the One Ecomerce" Should say "Your registration at xxx xxx xxx"
5. Product comparison broken
6. Product rating stars not showing
7. xxx Product Enquiry from users *message does not show* when I receive it.
8. Paypal check-out "Cancel and return to"; Should be "Cancel and Return To xxx xxx xxx"
9. Billing address should not include phone as a required field
10.Welcome, User (does not change until the user checks out, then it changes to Welcome, First Name, Last Name.
Should do that when the user registers on the site and putting in their info.


You must know how to fix bugs on eCommerce WordPress themes.
You must know how to follow instructions.
You must have decent communication skills, and not ignore my questions when asked. I dealt with a few like that in the past.
You must be good at finding website/software bugs. Good QA background, as a test please see if you can find additional bugs other than what I listed above, the more you find the more likely you will be offered the job!
I will interview you on Skype to ensure you can do the job, and to learn more about your background.

I will only give you access to the site as shop manager role, any other bugs that require the admin role to fix then I must log you in and you can remote into my PC using team viewer and we can talk on Skype.

Please do not apply for the position if you cannot fix the bugs I listed.

Be sure to mention something about my listing so I know you read it and understand it fully and not just apply for any position you see on oDesk.

Note: This is not a requirement:

If you have a developer license for these 2 plugins listed below and able to help me implement my shipping requirements then there will be a $20 bonus.

Thanks, I look forward to working with you!

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