Experienced and talented Perl/Oauth web developer needed

Experienced and talented Perl/Oauth web developer needed


Job Description


If you do not have experience using both Perl and Oauth PLEASE don't apply. I will provide a more complete brief with images/mockups to interested candidates with relevant experience.

I am looking for a web developer with Perl and oauth experience only. You will be provided with all design assets (ideally the site will be responsive if the contractor/budget permits).

Website Summary

The aim of the Dipodo website is to provide personalised journal article, job, grant and blog recommendations by analysing a users list of references and finding only what is relevant to them.

Users will be able to see the journal and blog articles popular with their “friends” on Dipodo and share articles quickly via social media and email.

Users will also be able to leave comments on articles that are visible to their friends.

Website structure

When a user first registers:
They enter their details.
Asked to choose their reference manager.
If they chose Zotero or Mendeley they do the appropriate oauth handshake. The oauth credentials that are returned are then stored in the database as well as being passed to the relevant perl script which will retrieve the articles and store them in the DB.
If they chose endnote etc they are simply asked to upload a file with their references. This is passed to the relevant perl script which parses and stores the articles in the DB. (Screen 3)
Each of the perl scripts will email the user upon completion telling them they can now access their articles. This will also act as an email verification step.
They will then be able to log in and view their relevant articles/blogs etc that will be able to be retrieved from the database.

The database and perl scripts have already been created. Only the web front end is required. Can provide all required SQL commands for communicating with the DB and commands for executing the perl scripts. Ideally if the budget permits we would like the site to be responsive and will provide the developer with the designs/HTML