Prestashop - Enhencement of BlockCart

Prestashop - Enhencement of BlockCart


Job Description

We would like to enhance our website by adding a functionnality on BlockCart.

The function consist in adding the same +/- buttons that are on the cart/order summary page in front of every quantity of item added to blockcart.
- The buttons need to appear only on mouse over of the item line on blockcart
- The buttons need to be available as soon as the item is added to blockcart using Ajax
- The Buttons need to add/remove a quantity from this item in cart without having to reload the page, nor change page. (same behavior as the +/- buttons in the order summary page)
- The buttons need to work on blockcart module regardless of the page visited.
- The overall layout of BlockCart shouldn't be modified
- Every file created/modified need to be listed in order to be "installed" on our test environment by our team and properly tested.

We have a series of changes to do, which could all be done by the same contractor in case the relationship is succesfull.

We are available to answer any questions you might have.


YESS team

Skills: test