Support for Dell Force 10 Adit 600 T1 Access Gateway

Support for Dell Force 10 Adit 600 T1 Access Gateway


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We are looking for someone who have experience in implementing and managing the above equipment or one that is similar.

This product Integrates VoIP gateway, IP access router, IP VPN, Firewall, channel bank, 1/0 DCS, CSU/DSU, and DLC in a compact chassis HIgh-density architecture supports configurations up to 48 FXS or FXO ports, 18 T1s, or 12 10/100 interfaces Two Adit 600s can be mounted side-by-side in a 2RU rack space.


A Gateway that Combines Multi-Network Access and Multi-Service Delivery Capabilities into a Single Chassis

With over 120,000 units in service, Force10 Networks’ Adit® 600 is the most widely deployed, carrier-grade Converged Services Access Gateway in the industry. Optimized for a wide range of applications, the Adit 600 combines multi-network access and multi-service delivery capabilities into a single chassis. This results in an extremely cost-effective, compact, and flexible access platform that simplifies the migration from TDM to next-generation VoIP and IP data services for service providers and small to medium business (SMB) customers.

Unlike competing devices which provide only fixed configurations, the Adit 600 supports a fully modular architecture and hot-swappable service cards – delivering greater system reliability, scalability and a longer product deployment lifecycle. Additionally, the Adit 600 does not require fans for cooling, further increasing the reliability of the NEBS level three certified platform. The compact, 6-slot Adit 600 shelf is also only 3.5 inches high, and 8.5 inches wide, enabling two chassis to be mounted side-by-side in a 2RU (rack unit) space.

A Broad Range of Services in a Single Scalable Platform
The Adit 600 integrates the functionality of a voice over IP (VoIP) gateway, Ethernet/IP access router,
VPN/Firewall, channel bank, 1/0 digital cross-connect, CSU/DSU, and a digital loop carrier in a single chassis. The fully modular design of the Adit 600 is unique in its ability to support new revenue-generating services simply by installing new hot-swappable cards. Any service card can be placed in any of the six available slots. Flexible multi-T1 or 10/100 Ethernet WAN interfaces are supported, as well as a variety of standard customer interfaces and services including long reach FXS, FXO/DPT, 10/100 Ethernet, E&M/TO, V.35, ISDN BRI, Terminal Server Router (TSR), ADPCM, and T1. The Adit 600 provides a high-density design that supports up to 18 T1s, or 48 FXS/FXO ports per chassis.
Modular functions that can be added to the Adit 600 via specific service cards include Ethernet/IP routing features such as VPN (IPSec, PPTP, L2TP), Stateful Firewall/NAT, and VLAN tagging. High-capacity SIP- and/or MGCP-based VoIP gateway functionality can also be integrated – VoIP trunking (PRI/CAS) or line termination (FXS) – to enable the delivery of converged IP services.

Key Features
• Fully modular design simplifies the migration to new VoIP and data services, while preserving existing capital investments
• Expandable platform delivers greater system reliability and scalability while providing a future-ready service migration path
• Flexible Multi-T1 or 10/100 Ethernet WAN interfaces
• High-capacity integrated SIP- or MGCP-based VoIP gateway supports up to 40 simultaneous calls per chassis
(G.711 or G.729 codecs and T.38 Fax)
• New revenue-generating services can easily be added by installing hot-swappable service cards
• Advanced Ethernet/IP routing functionality includes VPN
(IPSec, PPTP, L2TP), Stateful Firewall, NAT, and VLAN tagging
• Supports up to 8 bonded T1s (WAN), and up to 2 PRI/T1 CAS voice trunks from a single chassis
• Remote management options enable operational efficiencies and provide high service availability to SMB customers

Adit 600 chassis with six hot-swappable Service Card slots, single
Controller Card slot and one Power Supply slot
Power supply options
Combination115 VAC/-48 VDC Power Supply/Charger
Combination 230 VAC/-48 VDC Power Supply/Charger
24 VDC Power Supply
Dual T1 Controller
Service cards available include
8-channel FXS 8D Voice Service Card
8-channel FXO/DPT Voice Service Card
8-channel ISDN BRI Service Cards
Dual-Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Multi-Service Router (MSR) Card
(SIP-based VoIP)
Quad 4-Wire E&M/TO Service Card
Hardened Dual V.35 Service Card with V.54 test capability
Quad DS1 Network Access/Digital Cross-Connect Service Card
Quad-Port Terminal Server Router (TSR) Service Card
Customer Media Gateway-01 (CMG-01) Service Card
(MGCP-based VoIP)
Customer Media Gateway-02 (CMG-02) Service Card
(MGCP-based VoIP )

Skills: voip, design, management, test