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Job Description

We are looking for someone who can finish our website... most work done. Minor adjustments:

* Create 2nd languages option (Dutch) and indication like example.
• Put text next to logo:
For English: Be guided ( like in paint example )
For Dutch: Laat je gidsen.
• Make bottom menu bar with: Robbert Reurings, www.robbcn.com, info@robbcn.com, Terms&conditions and skype adres ( like in paint example )
• Put social media icons on bottom + connect with my accounds (facebook, Twitter, Hyves, tripadvisor) ( like in paint example )
• Create new Tag in submenu Barcelona tours, named ´ Prices`
• Take out ´All` in submenu ´About`
• Put booking application (paint doc) in every tour ---> connected to Contact
For each tour I want a button in bottom of the explanation menu
Clicking this button you will get directly in the contact menu with the name of the tour already written.
• Put ´Mail to friend` button in every photo (Like in example)
• Put print in pdf button in every text (like example)
• Design ´Experiences` (comments of guest with pictures)

- In this link I want to be able to put small pictures of the tour + experience stories, that the guest sent in.
- The setup should be the same as the ´Barcelona Tour` menu, but with a bit smaller pictures (example in paint doc)

• ´Contact` Create new setup + options of tours in scroll menu.
(Like in paint doc. But in style robbcn website.)

• Take out Popular/Recent ´contact`menu
• Orden fotos Barcelona tours (example)
• Centre foto´s in Barcelona tour –Walk and Barcelona tour – Bike (example)
• Resize pictures
• Put logo Robbcn in icon in tab
• The side column of contact should be the same for the ´Blog`.
* Make pictures move.

Template example:


Skills: facebook, twitter, pdf, design