Email Marketing/Bulk Email - Consultant needed

Email Marketing/Bulk Email - Consultant needed


Job Description


We want to send email campaigns to both buyers and sellers segmented by states and other criterion.

- We have around around 150k contacts
- Single campaign can be 10 - 30000 emails
- In a month we may send 5 - 50 email campaigns
- We would like our client to see campaign statistics

PROJECT: Please suggest what should we look for while selecting Bulk Email software(e.g. Constant Contact, iContact etc)? what guidelines to follow in drafting the emails?

We are looking for someone who has heavily worked (multi-years) on setting up email software, smtp servers and managing email campaigns and very familiar with the product. This will lead to bigger project for product selection and setup.

Please let me know:
- Which bulk email software/server you have used ?
- How long you have used it?
- How many email campaigns you send in a month?
- What other related products you have used?
- Do you have experience in - email best practices, email deliver-ability and coding email-friendly HTML.

Its okay to respond even if you have expertise on part of the things mentioned here.

- Please provide FIXED BID offer