PhP Expert Advisor

PhP Expert Advisor


Job Description

I'm looking for a highly skilled programmer who can assist me with the more complex problems I come across.

I'm an intermediate to advanced programmer working on a number of projects ranging from custom applications to responsive Wordpress themes. I would prefer someone in the continental United States for the purpose of being able to call them on the phone but I'm flexible about communication.

My Background
I am a self taught programmer. I've been working primarily with Wordpress theme design for the last 3 years and recently branched out into custom application development. I started out as a designer and spent the last year or so focused on becoming a world class programmer.

What I want to learn
I place a particular emphasis on object oriented programming, security, optimization and efficient code.

Technologies: PhP 5, Zend, Codeigniter. Wordpress Plugin Development

I'm looking for someone who can actually work with me in a peer programming manor should the need arise. This is an ongoing project and will likely lead to other opportunities.

Thank you for your consideration.