Wanted: Creative WORDPRESS Designer, website creator for unique, business coach/SPEAKER/author

Wanted: Creative WORDPRESS Designer, website creator for unique, business coach/SPEAKER/author


Job Description

English is a must - (current site is hosted by a template site at coachingwebsites.com which is not meeting my needs - my url is www.MyPersonalBusinessCoach.com) I'm having all of my content simplified and updated now. (CONTACT ME ONLY THOUGH ODESK PLEASE)

* design/create an AFFORDABLE responsive word press website that is congruent with my mission, values, brand/colors, looks UNIQUE, colorful, yet simple to maneuver and easy for me or an assistant to maintain
*To just have a professional image that STANDS OUT when someone checks me when I'm networking in person and getting potential clients offline.
* to highlight me as a professional speaker nationally and provide info to prospects looking for a speaker and or business coach
* To grow my list by 2000 in the next six months and build my image on my list
* To network the heck out of social media and drive people to my blog where I will grow my readership and invite people to contact me for a consultation.
* To have sales pages for free calls/webinars, product promotion and purchase and to launch future programs
*Seamlessly integrate with infusion soft (and possibly lead pages)
*Tracking/Analytics (Google/infusion soft)
*SEO content
*shopping cart (infusion soft), podcasts, rss feeds, YouTube video, downloads, link to all social media connections/ and to LIKE/connect

Visible Pages (all with social media and email share buttons and link to CONTACT me)

• Home (with testimonials) can support some videos
• Take the Quiz: Are you focused on your business or do you have Business ADHD?
• Services
• About Shelley/(bio and speakers page with link to speakers reel and speakers sheet)
• Contact me (set appointment)
• What is Business Coaching? (and how to choose the best one for you)
• What is ADHD Coaching?
• Resources (link all affiliate links)
• Page for existing clients (private, link to customer hub or jigsaw box or private area with recordings and documents for one/one clients and group clients)
• Private pages for thank you pages
• Get Your IPA On Sales Page
• Page regarding my sons business and link to his website and social media www.calebsword.com
• other sales pages for upcoming calls or promotion of group
• link or move Blog - currently on word press blog (with SHARE button)
• Calendar/where's Shelley/upcoming events
• OPT IN - very visible, top fold , prefer pop out on each page if someone hasn't opted in
I own several other url and would like to have them either implemented as landing pages linked back to my main site or when someone types them in, they are immediately brought to this site (www.mypersonalbusinesscoach.com) with unique pages (whichever is best for SEO)
Things needed to be done:
 Create Sitemap

 Create Website Mock-Up (Hand-Drawn or Digital)

 Install Word Press, Theme & Plugins

 Customize Website

 Finalize Website Content

 Setup 404 Error Pages

 Install Register for Google Services (Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Ad words Keyword Tool)

Below are some drafts of a one template I really liked but am not committed to it. (it's just so you can get an IDEA of what I like) Colors would have needed to be changed as long as some other key changes but it was a good start. creator of this is no longer available. My photo needs to be very visible as well

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