CSS3/Rails designer wanted!

CSS3/Rails designer wanted!


Job Description

In our ruby on rails application we enable users to submit multiple types of feedback in a project. We would value designer in our team to continuously improve the look and feel of our web application. As well as work with the rest of the development team to implement beautiful easily understood features.

Our application strives to accept a wide range of browsers. Especially mobile browsers, as such you should have familiarity with responsive design and graceful degradation. We primarily target Chrome and strive to have a still usable experience on IE.

You can see screenshots of our app design over at our marketing website: http://www.swiftlaunch.com/

We require you to be familiar with CSS3, HTML5, media queries, SASS and the ruby/rails folder structure.

Please include past work that you’ve done and links to websites that you enjoy. dribbble portfolios are welcome.

Background on us:
We are a start up that's building tools for information organization, feedback, and collaboration in the enterprise.

Technical details:
We're using rails 3.2, jquery, sass(our sass is semantically organized).

Upon acceptance of the project we require an IP agreement be electronically signed.

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