Joomla Module Enhancement

Joomla Module Enhancement


Job Description


I have a Joomla Module I would like to alter or enhance. I don’t know if this is ethical or not but I have been trying to contact the developer of this product for a few months and I haven’t heard anything back. I’m not looking at reselling this feature merely I would like to give it away with my current product as a perk.

The name of the module is JSmallFibPro and more information can be found at
I downloaded it and have it running on my test site and if you would like to see it work let me know. So I have all the code it just needs to been altered to include a few key feature or securities that where left out. Please read about the product at the link above to get the overview. After if you have a good understanding of what the JSmallFibPro module is all about, I will share the additional information or features I would like to include.

Additionally If you have Mobile App experience I would like to develop an App to use on Android & IPAD

Price: TBD after you understand what is needed.

Thank you

Skills: test, ipad