Financial Modeler for SaaS Business

Financial Modeler for SaaS Business


Job Description

Opportunity: Part time position in a dynamic SaaS start-up company to assist with financial modeling, cash flow projections, SaaS pricing models and budgeting.

About Us: Vertical Point Solutions is a Software as a Services company that accelerates deals, automates compliance and cuts legal and deal costs in the commercial real estate industry. Vertical Point accelerates revenue cycles, reduces expenses and the risk of non-compliance for large real estate companies and major global retailers. The company is based Newport Beach, CA.

Responsibilities of Position:

1. Financial Modeling- assist CEO with 5 year financial projections
2. Pricing- develop models for various SaaS pricing options
3. Expenses- develop model to measure expenses (licensing, storage, etc) per subscriber as business scales
4. Budgeting- assist with departmental budgeting activities

Experience in the SaaS business is essential as we are seeking someone who understands the key financial metrics of this industry.