Personal development Guru for my ebook/coaching program

Personal development Guru for my ebook/coaching program


Job Description

Hi: I am looking for a ghost writer/content-writer strategist with experience writing personal development e-books/course work, self-help, motivational speaking, psychotherapy and life coaching, arena. I have the idea, message and vision - I need someone to help put it together in a pretty package strategically.

You: Powerful, experienced ghost writer/copywriter/content-writer who is able to connect emotionally with my audience and drive them to Action = buy my products! You must be strategic and think longterm on how my content is put out there. I'm sure there is a title for this person. Areas of expertise: content-marketing, copywriting, strategist, guru with experience in this area, ethical but effective! No salesy gimmicky writing!

Me: I am a life coach and psychotherapist. My magic is in the room, connecting with people - not writing!

Us: I am looking for a long-term relationship with YOU! One built on trust, authenticity and collaboration. It's important to me that our work reflects me, my story and voice - with your help of course.