Java Developer

Java Developer


Job Description

To do the backend coding of DOTCMS that is 70% complete

a. Web application is to be built on a Enterprise Class Java CMS called dotCMS
i. Portlet based plugins
ii. Struts
iii. Hibernate
iv. Springframework
v. Velocity Templating
b. Application is to connect to a backend cinema system to retrieve the movies, showtimes, cinemas etc.
i. Integration in the form of plugins to dotCMS is 70% complete
ii. Structures are 70% in place
iii. Previous frontend implementation is 70% complete before a change in direction
c. Frontend is in responsive-design

2) Contract – 2 months till 6 months
a. An all-round developer on the following language
i. Java
ii. PHP
iii. ASP.NET C#
iv. Javascript – jquery
v. Basic knowledge of how CSS works
vi. Knowledge of HTML
b. Work would involve maintenance and enhancements of existing websites
c. Facebook apps
d. Microsites
e. HTMLs are designed and sliced by our own creative team and the contracted developer would do the necessary frontend and backend coding.
f. Website setup

Skills: velocity, facebook