Front-end web developer for transport industry portal - freelance basis

Front-end web developer for transport industry portal - freelance basis


Job Description

eeSea is a B2C and B2B information portal and platform for the transport and container shipping industry, consisting of a large-scale database of both proprietary and user generated content, and a cool user interface that utilizes data visualization to a large degree. We are a budding startup company, and hence working on freelance basis.

Our prototype back-end database is operational, and we have the first modules of our front-end live as well. Your job will be to continue the development of the front-end / user interface. The focus will initially be on adding features to the UI - relevant web services will be made available to you. Our platform is built in MS SQL, .Net and IIS 6.0.

We are working on a modular / feature basis, and will put each module as separate jobs; if you are picked and do a satisfactory job on the first module, there is a good chance you will also be selected for the next module, and so on. Our aim is to establish long-term partnerships (and eventually full-time contracts) with individual developers or companies.

You will be expected to provide fine and scalable working code, with inline documentation and a robust basis allowing you or others to add on top. Your job will be judged on the actual working feature, number of subsequent bugs raised and the quality of code you write. You are expected to use the BitBucket code repository, Pivotal Tracker project management tool and finally publish your solution to our Amazon Web Services platform. You must be available for Skype updates, and are of course expected to deliver within an agreed time frame.

Module 1 - Distances & Water Routes
- consists of two simple screens, illustrating simple data from our back-end. Please see the attached PowerPoint illustrations. The navigation menu and side bar templates are already created - you must make it function, based on the web service you are given
- it is a simple first test case. In case you are selected and deliver satisfactorily, you will also be asked to work on module 2 below

PS: Before you bid, keep in mind that there is all the requisites already done and ready, including Google Maps API, web services and basic website framework. The work needed from you would be to add the particular functionality(Only UI) to the existing website.

Module 2 - Schedule Lookup
- is a larger sprint than module 1. You are expected to build and implement a schedule look-up feature, based on a web service given
- the algorithm is already made, but may need tweaks to be implemented
- you are expected to build the look-up screen and illustrate the results in three ways; a simple tabular listing of results with various sorting methods, a Gantt chart illustration with various sorting methods and finally in a Google Map drawing

Future modules are planned immediately after module 2, with varying sizes and complexities.

Technical Skills:
- ASP.Net 4.0
- MVC 3.0 and above preferred
- C#
- JQuery
- Any of the charting tools (Google charts, Fusions charts etc.) or programmed charts, graphs with third party add-ons

In your offer please include / consider;
- you must bid only for module 1. Module 2 above is only mentioned for your guidance, and will be put separately on later
- you must include a delivery date. Include when you expect to deliver the full feature, but include time for bug correction
- state your price clearly. Bug correction and inline documentation should of course be included in your offer - both cost and time wise. Offers without price will be disregarded. The offer should be a lump sum offer for the above module 1
- if your offer is a mere copy/paste of your standard pitch, it will be disregarded. Please comment specifically on this job
- keep the correspondence here. Do not contact through Skype, LinkedIn, mail or other means

Skills: .net, mvc

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