Wanted Programmer PHP3 - PHP4 & Wordpress for problem solving

Wanted Programmer PHP3 - PHP4 & Wordpress for problem solving


Job Description

Dear Programmer

I have a real estate website based on Wordpress that has quite a few errors in the coding making my site slow and only working on 90% capability.

Im looking for somebody who knows PHP3 - PHP4 & PHP5

Please see ATTACHED for the details of my site and errors.

Im looking for somebody that can fix this without any problems, Please Note* im looking for somebody I can work with on a regular basis and you must be reliable and NOT be doing 20 jobs at once.

Below are some comments from a developer who is too busy but he looked for me:

During the fixing proccess of your issues I have noticed that the error_log was unussualy big (6 MB / megabytes).

This must be empty if a website works perfectly. I read some errors that poped up and it is our opinion that you should talk to the hosting company and request a transfer to a new server since your website sometimes has trobule comunicating with the database.

You send them this part of the error_log so they know what happens:[05-Feb-2013 14:30:34 UTC] WordPress database error MySQL server has gone away for query SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = '_transient_doing_cron' LIMIT 1 made by _get_cron_lock

Please mention the words Real Estate at the beginning of your reply to show me you have read and understand the brief.

Skype is very important when working with me so if you can please provide me with your skype ID also.

Please Note* I would like the right candidate to price me according to the JOB.

many thanks


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