Traffic kaboom articles and submissions required

Traffic kaboom articles and submissions required


Job Description

I am looking for a writer who can produce 3 or more 300+ word articles a day and submit them to the TrafficKaboom service.

I will provide the winning contractor an account to access the service, and training if required in the form of video tutorials.

An understanding of spinning articles and using 'The Best Spinner' software would be an asset as this software is integrated into the Traffic Kaboom system, but not essential. I will also provide training on this if needed via a video tutorial.

Here is an overview of the workflow for each article:

I will provide a list of keywords/URLs that require links from the traffic kaboom system (you can include two different links in a Traffic Kaboom article). For starters I will provide you with 10 different links for 5 articles (each article can have 2 links in it).

You will come up with an article idea that fits the topic of the URL's and keywords I provide.

You will write the article and insert the LINK TOKENS (Will explain what these are if you are not familiar) for the keywords. You will need to come up with two different title versions for the article. Both title versions will be used during the submission process.

NOTE: Each article must be originally by you, no copying anything from article directories, other websites etc. It is ok to use reference URL's for research purposes, but do not copy. These articles will get rejected by the system.

Once the article and two titles are written you will then login to the Traffic Kaboom service and submit the article and all required information (title, keywords etc.) and then use the built in Best Spinner integration to “spin” the article (spinning the article creates multiple versions so they can be submitted to a variety of blogs in the system).

Prior to submission you will double check the synonyms that are added by The Best Spinner to ensure that the article will still make sense, removing any synonyms that shouldn't be there.

I will provide the selected contractor a video walk through of me using the service and submitting an article so that you fully understand the process.

Ideally I want to find someone I can work with long term, but for this project place your bid for 5 Articles Written, Spun and Submitted.

For this first test I will create a milestone payment for your bid for the first 5 articles.


If all goes well then we will continue to work together and I will create milestone amounts for 25 articles at a time.

In Your Bid please mention: "I am your article writer for TK"

This way I'll know who has read the entire project and understands all of the requirements. This saves me time and allows me to eliminate those who haven't fully read the project description.

This can be consistent daily work for the right contractor!
Skills required:

Skills: training, video, research, test

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