Simple Android Wallpaper App

Simple Android Wallpaper App


Job Description

Hello everybody,

please generate a simple Android wallpaper app that will do the following:

-No Design Work neccessary - pictures will be provided-

Show thumbnails of the available wallpapers (only 4)

2 will be free

2 will be for sale

When somebody clicks on the free/or bought thumbs it will show the picture in full with 2 buttons below saying (Set as background image / Back)

When somebody clicks on the thumbs that are not bought yet show pop up (Do you want to buy this pic -> yes/no) When yes check if user has credits if not send him to credits window:

Credits window:

Buy credits:
by direct payment via Google Play
by virtual currency Tabjoy SDK

Also integrate appoxee SDK for Push.

*** IMPORTANT: Start your application with the word "wallpaper" to prove you have read the description



Skills: android-development, android-sdk

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