Help with calculations on form - jotform

Help with calculations on form - jotform


Job Description

I have made several forms within jot form.

Some of these forms I need calculations to be done simple numerical calculations which I can't program into jot form, but I know it is possible.

Would like help with this from someone who has potentially done it before - or who knows it would be easy.

For instance a person on a form enters:

Salary 10,000
Rent 1,000
Calculation to be 10,000/1,000
Result on form to be if 10,000/1,000 is greater than 1, Yes, Else No.

Or Tenant move in date is the 15th of July, Next rent due date is the first of August.

First rent is
Monthly rent * 12 / 365 = Daily rent
Daily rent * (no of days - move in date - days in that month) = First Rent.

Other sums follow similar patterns but Jotform does not do calculations so I need someone who can program these functions if I give information on what calculations need to be done.


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