Add Alexa Rankings to Specific URLs

Add Alexa Rankings to Specific URLs


Job Description

Hi everyone,

We are searching for an experienced web developer to help us with a variety of tasks for a new ecommerce web directory being built at The site uses the Codeigniter framework in the backend and Twitter Bootstrap front end.

The first task we need completed is to add The Alexa Traffic Rank and the Traffic Rank in US to our listing pages, i.e., below the 'About' box.

This panel should display the Alexa Traffic Rank and the Traffic Rank in the US about the particular domain being listed. For instance, the Alexa panel for the above link would query '' and show the requisite information. For the listing, it would show the related Alexa rankings for

Also, the Alexa panel should fit the styling of so that it looks natural within the website.

Please respond to this ad with a brief description of why you are the right person for this task. As mentioned above, we have many more tasks to be completed for this site and would like to find a good, reliable developer to help us along the way, so this can be a great way for you to earn some money.

Thank you

Skills: twitter