web/app developer

web/app developer


Job Description

Log Volume Calculator for our web site

Step 1
Develop a web application to be embedded in our website (logpoint.com). It must have a quality look and feel and should match the color palette of our website.

A) It should have an input field for log amounts number of logs pr timeunit where the timeunit is selectable in the UI
B) There should be a selection of different datasources, which should suggest an average log size in bytes – this should be easily changeable (by typing in the window).
C) The above mentioned entries should be used to compute a resulting size in sizeunit/timeunit – where timeunit and sizeunit should be independently selectable in the UI.

It should be possible to enter data arbitrarily in 2 of A), B) or C) and have the third value computed.

D) The retention period should be set from a list of standard times/compliance specs like PCI, HIPAA etc – or by tying directly in the window
E) The total storage (uncompressed, unindexed) computed from ABC and D used with these settings - displayed using selectable units
F) The log point storage used (indexed, compressed) computed from ABC and D – using index size (%) and compression ratio from the data log type (both should be modifiable)

It should also be possible to enter data in the E or F – and have D changed to match

Once ABC and D or E or F has been set it should be possible to add this to a shopping list that will sum up all the entries.

Selecting an entry from the shopping list will move all the values back into the form allowing them to be edited and stored again.
The shopping list should allow to duplicating and deleting entries – and setting them inactive so that they will not contribute to the sum.

The calculator will pull data from 2 tables (Mysql)
Logsources that contain records of info about avg. log sizes, and indexing and compression ratios pr. log source
Timespecs that will contain records of info about standard retention times, compliance times etc

Step 2:
Develop the same application to be used on Android phones and tablets and iPhone, iPads…

We need the price estimate from you for step 1 and step 2 as part of the application for the job.

Skills: typing