Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description

Web Developer Needed

This position works with a provider of Micro Pay-Per-Views and Video On Demand programming. We are seeking an experienced Web Developer responsible for building our web platform, creating web integration UI's and back-end application interfaces.

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Creating, coding and translating design elements into working web application interfaces
• Reviews and influences ongoing designs, standards and methods for webste.
• Testing applications across platforms and devices to ensure proper operation..this is EXTREMELY important in this job role.
• Work on projects including web layout enhancements, desktop/mobile applications, website enhancements, web-based applications, and database-backed websites.
• Work in a variety of development frameworks including Ruby and Perl
• Work with various database systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server and frameworks including ADO and ODBC.
• All other related work as required


• Familiar with PayPal Adaptive Payment API
• Highly proficient in CMS methodology
• In depth knowledge of Perl and Ruby languages.
• Knowledge of ASP, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, HTML5, PHP, XML and XHTML
• Good database knowledge especially SQL Server or MySQL
• Experience developing and troubleshooting front end solutions across multiple browsers and devices.
• Solid understanding of the behavior of web application security issues
• Ability to multi-task and grow in a fast paced development environment
• Strong analytical and communication skills
• Must be based in the United States.
• Must be proficient in English.

Skills: video, design, paypal, troubleshooting