Java 3D chart

Java 3D chart


Job Description

I would like to create in Java (well, Java seems the best choice) a 3D information tree. The various nodes would link to appropriate entries in a data table. Working from built-in functions, the job I figure might be done in $200 worth of your time (but you can make a counteroffer and I will consider it).

Among the sample functions in the Java SDK are several that show that there are built-in functions that can do some of the work. (Specifically, the /GraphLayout, /WireFrame and /MoleculeViewer subdirectories.of /demo/applets (within the JDK program) have applets prime for adaptation and emulation.) I am not comfortable enough in this programming environment to work with them as is. What I'd like is to hire someone to set up the general functions, and explain what needs to be done with it, after which I could use my moderate experience at programming to develop the program from that point.

I have put up a page with eleven very-short videos which illustrate what I am seeking for the nodes and lines to do. Link provided to programmers who ask to see it.

You will be working on your equipment at your location. My schedule is flexible enough that I can communicate with you around your availability.

Skills: video