Java Web Project

Java Web Project


Job Description

We are looking for a Java web developer to work on a web site. The site is part of a e-assessment site for an e-learning company.

The site is coded using the following technologies and frameworks.

Struts 2, Spring and Hibernate
Eclipse, MySQL and Tomcat

The code should be well structured and well commented. The coder should be able to follow coding guidelines and naming conventions.

The XHTML/CSS, Javascript and graphic design will be done by other programmers.

The coder must be available to work on this project on a full time basis and have good communication skills and also must provide be able to provide daily updates.

The project involves a lot of CRUD work etc and the sending of emails. Most actions and submission errors will have user feedback.

We have designed the database structure and large part of the coding has already been done. We anticipate the remaining work to take about 3 weeks to complete.

Please contact us for more information or prototype of the web site or see portions of the code that already exist.