Bio Network- Send Bios and earn! Management Consultants

Bio Network- Send Bios and earn! Management Consultants


Job Description

Write and send Your Bio with your credentials to be added to our network site.
MBA-Graduate and higher level degrees are encouraged to send Bio and Business Philosophy. Well recognized Western College and University Graduates is plus.
$100 for The top two chosen for Executive Network Team.
Key fields of Study or experience and knowledge in ANY of these Fields:
US Taxation Principals, International Tax Law, Commerce, Trade, Business Management, Business Credit Building, Accounting, Law, Sales, Advertising, Blog Writers, Web Developers, Web Architects, Web Content Writers, E Publishers, Marketing, SEO Experts, Business Plan Writers, Stratgiest, Remote Staff Management Finance, Actuaries and other Key Business Professionals join our network.
$25 for Top 5 people to be added to our Elite ProNetwork Team
$10 for top 10 ProManagers
Work can be found in the future for quality business people so send your Bio and join our network. Nothing to lose everything to gain!
ou ma join b sending Bio at anytime but must have your complete Bio, Resume, and Philosophy for Business (work ethic)

***BTW tell our friends and colleagues to join the Bio2Network and resumes, Show us you really know marketing and check out your SEO Skills on a real project. $100 dollars to the network/Professional that gets the best and most members to join by sending Their Bios in this week! An Skill set can apply.

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