Need a review of Code & Database/ add framework

Need a review of Code & Database/ add framework


Job Description


Our website is just like Ebay, a auction site.

What i need is:

I need you to review the database & code to check if everything is following the right logic and see if there is any loopholes to correct. Also add a framework to the site (i would prefer Yii framwork)

A simple example (out of many) is that dates are inserted in the database as text such as "31122012" and time is in a separate field also as text like "122359". Databases have a field type called datetime which stores date/time stamps as "29-03-2012 13:43:59" which can then be queried such as "is date between x and y". This is the correct way of inserting dates in a database.

This is but one example of a lot of things which in my opinion need to be changed not only to avoid issues in the future, but also to improve the performance of the website.