JTouch to JQuery Mobile, Ajax, HTML 5, Internet Explorer, css, javascript,

JTouch to JQuery Mobile, Ajax, HTML 5, Internet Explorer, css, javascript,


Job Description

Finish JQuery Mobile Order management application that calls 3rd party API to get data into screens for order management. Must work on IE 10 and mobile browser.

I have partially mocked up screens using JTouch (index.html) but now need it to work with JQuery Mobile (jquerymobile_ie.html) instead. I need to pull in data from 3rd party websites so that it shows up in the screen.

This application helps in searching for inventory in 3rd party sites and then arranges them in order so that it shows up for the user.

The first screen is Pending Orders and Have Not Shipped Orders.
The second screen is Detailed Pending orders for a particular buyer.
The third screen is Order Process which is the screen that pulls information from the suppliers.
The fourth screen is Verify Submit Order and that actually sends the order.

In regards to the third screen:
Based on what supplier and the quantity of the items the user selects, the application will send an xml order call to supplier's https website with customer information, product code, product quantity, warehouse code and relevant shipping information. Then get back an xml order confirmation with tracking details. Later in the second phase of the project, there will be add on work.
If you are bidding on this project, I need to know that you read and understand this assignment and that you put into the application trwa so I know you've read the listing. I'm looking to find a longer term relationship because I have work in this area and need help completing this project.

The 2 attached files are:
index.html (jtouch based mockup)
jquerymobile_ie10.html (jquery mobile based)

No upfront payment, only Good and Serious Bidders Please.

Skills: microsoft-internet-explorer, management

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