Firmware Engineer: GoPro

Firmware Engineer: GoPro


Job Description

I'm looking for a firmware engineer with enough knowledge of the GoPro firmware architecture to create custom firmware that will allow the Hero2 to:

1. Operate (record video) while in connected to via USB to a Linux based system.
2. Enable me to programmatically issue `record` and `stop` commands to the GoPro from the connected computer.
3. Save video files directly to the connected computer (bypassing the SD memory card) via the USB connection

If you can nail these three items, hit back and we can discuss details.

Quick Hardware Diagram:
Sample API:

What is expected in order to mark the project as 'completed':

1. Compiled firmware which can be loaded either via USB or SD memory card onto a GoPro Hero2 that performs all three functions above (`start recording`, `stop recording` and save recorded files directly to connected computer via USB).
2. Documented API that is callable from the command line of the connected computer (pseudo code can be found here:
3. Firmware source code (preferably a shared repository on GitHub).