Rental Site: Admin Panel

Rental Site: Admin Panel


Job Description

Overview: Create an admin panel for an existing webpage that enables the user to add, remove, edit items from categories and departments. User needs to be able to organize departments and categories in a list, rename them, remove them, etc.

Built Using: or 4.0). SQL server,,C#,html,javascript, and sql

webpage is

Original Specifications,

Administration Equipment Management:
Description: Allows admin user to add new rental products/categories to the system using form-based or
simple text-based user-friendly interface.
● Category Management

○ Category Grid Page
■Displays categories in a paged grid with edit links.

○ Create/Edit Category
■Also Know As (Search Keywords)
● Equipment Management

○ Equipment Grid Page
■Displays equipment in a paged grid with edit links
■Display number of times each items has been viewed or selected by user

○ Create/Edit Equipment
■Upload product image (change or update)
■Rental price per day and per week
■Equipment Category drop down list (driven by database categories)
■Active/Inactive (Viewable by user).

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