Convert flash webpage to HTML webpage

Convert flash webpage to HTML webpage


Job Description

We are looking for a HTML/CSS expert to transfer our existing homepage from a Flash basis to an HTML version. There is no need to use a CMS, the page should be mainly HTML. PHP should be used to include the navigation elements, footer and header etc.

Aim: Convert flash to HTML to increase search engine visibility/ accessibility

The task in detail:
- Rebuild design (exactly!!) without graphical effects (e.g. flying "our", transition in pictures etc.)
- Create a CSS file for all design elements
- Recreate about 90 pages (very small - 1 picture one paragraph on average)
- Pictures and texts should be extracted from the existing page

If possible within the budget, basic meta information should be added to increase search engine visibility.

Our budget is 300 USD.

There is no strict time limit, but we expect deadlines to be met.

For sample pages, please see the attachments. The URL will be provided to the final candidates for a fix-price offer.

Skills: design

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