Research, Document, and Compare Bulk Email Vendors

Research, Document, and Compare Bulk Email Vendors


Job Description

Need a comparison of companies offering bulk email services.
1) Identify companies offering Bulk Email services
- Examples include, but are not limited to
- MailChimp
- Aweber
- Constant Contact
- FanBridge
- How long have they been in business?
- Where are their headquarters located?
- Do they have any awards to their credit?
- Links to reviews and other comparisons of the companies

2) Feature comparison
- Programmatic API
- What Programming Languages Supported?
- Link to API documentation
- Link to API implementations in PHP and Java, if any
- Any additional cost associated with using their API?
- Templating/Customization
- Available?
- Link to documentation
- Creative/Image hosting
- Can the provider host creatives?
- Do they support external creatives (hosted elsewhere)?
- Email Tracking
- What events do they track?
- Sends?
- Opens?
- Bounces?
- Unsubscribes?
- Clicks?
- Other Events?
- Analytics/Data Exports
- Do they have analytic extracts?
- Can they be scheduled?
- Can they be accessed via their API?
- Subscription confirmation emails
- Do they have this functionality?
- Can it be disabled?
- Message Sequencing
- Example: Someone signs up, they get a Welcome email, 2 weeks later a followup message is sent
- Do they provide this functionality?
- A/B Testing
- Example: We've developed 2 different email templates, and would like to see which evokes a better response rate
- Do they provide this functionality?
- How do they report on the difference between the 2 templates?

3) Document their pricing structure
- Looking for:
- Tabular comparison of pricing tiers (# of Subscribers / # of emails sent)
- Links to pricing information

Skills: research