PHP & XML specialist required - Create RSS feeds from data.

PHP & XML specialist required - Create RSS feeds from data.


Job Description

I need several different RSS feeds created from different website sources.

1 - Create an RSS feed for my own blog on my server.

2 - Create RSS feeds from STATIC pages on another website, to include picture, title and URLs.

3 - I have 2 RSS feeds which need new image sources.
Currently the images shown in the RSS feed are too small, I need you to crawl the website where the RSS is generated from, and from there, pull a larger image from the original article and then scale down the image using PHP in the final RSS feed.

All of these RSS feeds will need to update automatically every time new content is added.

Please tell me how you plan to do this and demonstrate your expertise in creating XML and / or RSS feeds.

The last part of the job will be to import these RSS feeds into mailchimp to make a beautiful email template, based on the RSS feed content, so you should be familiar with mailchimp.

When you reply, please tell me what the capital of Italy is in the first line of your application.