MYSQL Optimization specialist huge database 300mil

MYSQL Optimization specialist huge database 300mil


Job Description

We are looking for a highly skilled individual with extensive experience in the areas of Database Administration, MySQL Performance Tuning and MySQL Query Optimization.

We are working on a PHP web application that is engineered to process large amounts of data. The application serves mostly as a web interface, which queues operations for execution in the backend. The operations are then actually processed by a cron job that runs in the command line and issues all the necessary MySQL queries.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to achieve acceptable performance speed when working with larger amounts of data. The application works relatively well with 1-2 million record datasets, but starts failing when we try processing larger datasets (queries never finish or take way too much time to finish) Essentially, we want our application to be able to process datasets consisting of 100+ million records without a problem. Because of these issues, our application is currently stuck in its early BETA.

Selected candidates will receive a document that outlines the essence of our Application, a brief explanation of how it currently handles data processing and a detailed list of all the actual MySQL queries we are currently using for the different operations and the particular problems they are causing. You will be also given an actual installation to test with, with full root privileges to the server that hosts it, so you can have full freedom to tweak the configuration.

We would expect from you:

- To suggest MySQL configuration tweaks, explaining why they are necessary
- To suggest revisions to our current MySQL queries that may speed the operations up, explaining why these revisions will work.
- To eventually suggest improvements to our Schemas and/or the addition of Indexes in some of our tables

Please start your job application with "Hello, I read your job posting". Applications not containing this phrase will not be considered.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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