Generate HTML Web form for AutoResponders

Generate HTML Web form for AutoResponders


Job Description

**Time Sensitive Project**
*******Time-Sensitive Project*******

Project Title
Quick script to generate an html web form for 3 popular autoresponder services

To be able to 1. select an autoresponder, 2. choose their newsletter list, 3. choose a destination page and have copy/pastable web form code be generated to opt into the generated web form code.

To integrate all the popular autoresponder services into TMP

1. I need him to create a php program that displays the various lists a customer has in getresponse, constant contact, and mailchimp
2. I need another script that will generate html code for a web form (name & email) that when submitted would successfully submit the name and email to the selected autoresponder (getresponse, constant contact, and mailchimp)

for #1. He will need to ask the user for their api key information in order to display the lists
for #2. He will need the listname (from #1) in order to successfully generate the web form code

How it should behave when complete (completion checklist)
1. When I visit the page, I should see one drop down menu.
2. That drop-down should show "Choose an autoresponder...", with the following autoresponders underneath it: "GetResponse," "ConstantContact," and "Mailchimp"
3. When an item in the first drop-down menu is selected, it should check if there's an API key on file that's associated with that autoresponder. If not, a new window should open up, requesting that API key.
4. Once the API key has been retrieved, authenticate it, it should attempt to retreive the collection of lists that website visitors can subscribe to
5. Once a collection of lists are found, below the first list, a second drop-down should show all of the user's lists.
6. If a list is selected, a textbox and a [submit] button should appear requesting a destination url (the url website visitors should be taken to after they subscribe)
7. If the [submit] is clicked, a textarea box should appear with copy & pastable web form code that users can paste on their website.
8. The web form code should successfully opt visitors into the list that the user selected, and send them to the url that the user indicated


Input Expectations
- The desired autoresponder service
- The users API key
- The desired list name
- The desired destination url

Output Expectations
- A simple block of html web form code (no javascript) that will submit a visitor's name and email address to the list chosen in the autoresponder service chosen, and have them be redirected to the distination url

- user: the individual who builds the web form
- website visitor: the individual who subscribes to newsletters via the web form code

Due Date: Friday May 3rd