Modify Word Press Theme & Site Maintenance

Modify Word Press Theme & Site Maintenance


Job Description

I have two websites, and which I am going to be combined. You can find examples of the profiles at:

I am looking for a contractor to work on this job long-term to help combine the sites all into one.

You must be comfortable working with a wordpress frameworks which are part of the premium theme that I am using. You must be very adept with php, mysql, javascript, html, and css.

I would also need help with site backup, analytics, and some thoughtfulness surrounding the best way to organize and categorize the profiles we are creating through categories and keywords. I will also need help implementing a loop that will search for the presence of content inside of secondary html boxes,, to display that content that content if and only if that box is filled out. Finally, I will need help creating an interface to so that people will be able to sort through profiles on the site, quickly delimit the results by clicking buttons. Making the profiles display basic information upon mouseover would be another task. While this seems like a lot of different tasks, they will be further defined once I hire somebody.

I'd prefer someone who is creative, who can come up with elegant solutions to the problems that we will face in making this career guidance website work. I like working with people who are reliable, confident, who are are interested in making the world a better place which is what we are attempting to do with this site. you can see our video at the following link:

I look forward to finding somebody great to work with!