Looking for experienced PHP developer with Yii experience

Looking for experienced PHP developer with Yii experience


Job Description

We are building a new content publishing platform that serves millions of users per month. The current app is built on the Yii Framework and performs very well given the traffic levels. The current site gets about 500,000+ pageviews per day and at peak load times, there are several hundred concurrent users.

The new version of the content platform needs to be fast, scalable, feature-rich and developer-friendly. In terms of developer-friendly, we want it to utilize coding best practices, make sure it's easily readable, and ensure it's something you can be proud of.

You will need experience in:
- High traffic/scalable architecture
- Yii PHP Framework
- Memcache / APC / other caching software
- Capistrano or similar depoyment tools

While it would help to have some JS/full-stack knowledge, that is not a requirement by any means -- we would much rather have a very competent backend developer who can help us build this application the right way.

This is a contract position but can lead to full-time employment if things go well. We are based in NYC and give preference to local candidates, however remote is fine as well.

Job Description:
We're looking for a PHP developer with Yii experience.

You will be helping us build our next-generation content publishing platform to power a high-traffic website. You will be working alongside another full-stack developer and designer. Some requirements:

- Experience with building high-traffic and scalable websites
- Experience with PHP (Sr level) and Yii Framework
- Familiarity with PivotalTracker (we'll also be using CodeClimate)
- Ability to write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements
- Ability to lead us in regards to and be vocal in making software architecture decisions

Your qualifications:

- A work style that is extremely detail oriented
- A complete oDesk profile
- References or an established reputation on oDesk preferred