Collaborative Checklist

Collaborative Checklist


Job Description

Add pages to intranet that would allow users to use as a collaborative tool to

1 view and print a Comprehensive Default Project Review Checklist
2 save online copy of Checklist for Project Specific use that is available for use to team members that have assigned access rights. Team members can view and update online and print.
3 allow all users to add new checklist items to the default review checklist such that the checklist grows in length with collaborative input from all employees that have access to intranet. The users make changes to the list online where the list is immediately updated and available to the next user that views the list online.
4 allow specific project team members ability to edit their specific project checklist (add items, check/uncheck items)
5 All checklist items to be sorted according to standardized numbering system. New checklist items to be assigned a standardized number by user from drop down list that will organize/group items accordingly based on the assignment.
6. The items will each have check boxes (1 that allow users to indicate that the item has been properly addressed and 2 that the item is N/A not applicable to the project)
7. First Page of site allows user to 1 open default list, 2 open Project Specific List or 3 create New Project
8. First user to Create New Project gets to create Name of Project and Project specific password that they can give to select team members.
9. The company Intranet Administrator would be the only user that could delete Project specific checklists...or to delete items from the default checklist.
10. All lists to be sorted First by standardized category numbers and Second by date added to list
11. All lists may be filtered by 1) standardized category number(s) selected, or 2) keyword(s)

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